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With our partners, we currently

serve more than 60 clients in 7 European countries.

Our customers are:

  • Football clubs in Austria, Germany, England and Italy;
  • Training facilities for international football clubs;
  • Golf Clubs in Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania and others;
  • Private gardens, parks and municipalities.

In the following well-known stadiums we and our partners have carried out agronomic consultancy: The Imtech Arena (Hamburg, Germany), The Borussia-Park (Germany), The Rhein-Neckar-Arena (Germany), The Audi Sportpark (Germany), FC Heidenheim (Germany), VfL Bochum (Germany), FC St. Gallen (Switzerland), The Tivoli Neu (Austria), The Red Bull Arena (Austria), FC Pasching (Austria) and others.

The following golf courses are some of our current clients for independent agronomic support: Golfclub “Schwarzsee” (Austria), Golfclub “Wien” (Austria), Golfclub “Innsbruck-Igls” (Austria), Golfclub “Mieming” (Austria), Golfclub “Luftenberg” (Austria), Golfclub “Landshut” (Germany), Golfclub “Oberaula” (Germany), Golfclub “Сhieming” (Germany), Golfclub “Bundersand” (Germany), Hamburger Land- und Golf Club Hittfeld (Germany), 1. GC Fürth (Germany), Golfclub “Grand Ducal” (Luxembourg), Golfclub “Eppan” (Italy), Golfclub “Passeier” (Italy), Golfclub “Ashridge” (England), Golfclub “Muswell Hill” (England) and others.

Download here our new folders for the Consultancy Services for GolfConsultancy Services for Football and for Irrigation Audits.

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