Besides our agronomic services we also offer professional and specialty equipment for greenkeeping and groundscare:


reel and bedknife grinding machine SBR 900

The machine concept of the SBR 900 is based on a unique process (patent pending) which grinds mower reels and bedknives with highest precision in one single setup operation, where the bedknives support does not require dismounting. In addition to the work savings, thanks to the omission of large-scale dismantling and remounting operations, the stability of the frame is maintained and thus contributes to the precision of the parallelism.

As a result, the grinding is more accurate, thus prolonging the working life of the reels and bedknives. The machine concept is suitable for almost all mower types. Also the cutting height is still adjustable on the machine.

NEW!!!! Now you can also grind your rotary knifes on the SBR900. The set-up of the device takes only moments and your rotary knifes will be sharpened and balanced within 3-5 minutes.

greens cleaner GC 650-1

This machine has been constructed in cooperation with greenkeepers especially for removing sand and unwanted organical material after sand spreading or aerifying. This patent pending system works with an airflow which only touchs the surface. The surplus sand will collected in a bin and can be used once again or dispossed of. The drive and guidiance rollers produce an even surface. Using this machine is similar to a simplex mower. In addition the greens are quickly playable because the downtime is considerably less.


  • No wasted sand lays on the greens surface
  • The wear of reels and bed knifes is greatly reduced
  • All aerification holes will be filled with topdress-material
  • The large rollers also smoothen the surface and improve firmness
  • Improved ball roll and fewer distractions for your players

h-o-c and groomer measuring device

Our newly developed cutting-height measuring device guarantees precision and a rapid cutting height adjustment from 0 to 30mm with the test gauge. Through slide-on plates with 1,5/2/2mm and 4mm sizes, you can exactly adjust the cutting height. Due to the design of this adjustable equipment, measuring errors can be avoided and a safe and fast handling is ensured.


  • fast and safe handling – no measuring errors possible
  • consistent  height of cut – reduced stress für your turfgrasses
  • healthier and more uniform putting surfaces
  • detachable measuring gauge and protection guard
  • exact setting of the groomer
  • device has been manufactured out of aluminum and is therefore corrosion resistant


Easy to use, suitable for all soils and readings can be taken while standing up. Temperature is shown within seconds and can be displace in °C or °F.

double-jet injection nozzles

The use of double-jet injection nozzles improves the efficiency and coverage of the individual leaf blades. Nozzles are available for 150 – 600 liters per hectare.

Turf Argentum with NPK

Turf Argentum (TA) highly increases the growth of the roots and thereby improves the take-up of ingestion of the plants. The grasses become stronger, more vigor and stiffer what results in faster greens. Turf Argentum is disinfecting the grass like a natural anti-biotics. Therefore the plant does not need to use its energy in the defense against pathogens and other invaders, but uses its energy to increase growth above and below ground.

TA includes 9% nitrogen, 6% potassium and 1% elemental silver, and can be mixed with every common liquid fertilizer or pesticide. So there are no extra costs involved in the application .

Download technical data sheet HERE.

Download safety data sheet HERE.

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