HÖFINGER SOLUTIONS is a international company with a team of specialists for all areas in modern golf-, sportsfield-, and turf maintenance.


Together with our partner, Philip Armitage from the ETS, we offer independent agronomic services for new projects and existing golf courses, soccer fields and turf areas. We support our clients through laboratory analysis and modern agronomic tests to achieve a more efficient and better turf- and playing quality with use of less water, fertilizer an chemicals.

HÖFINGER SOLUTIONS develops individual recommendations to reach modern, sustainable and cost efficient turf maintenance.

Construction and Maintenance → Construction and maintenance of golf courses and soccer fields according to international standards.
 → Installation and repairworks of irrigation systems, and performance of irrigation audits.
Independent Agronomic Consultancy → Quality control, construction supervision and analysis of materials.
Maintenance of Machines and Grinding of Reels → in our own workshop and on a SBR 900 grinding machine.
Design and Construction of Turf Areas for Public and Private Areas.

Download here our new folders for
Consultancy Services for Golf
Consultancy Services for FootballIrrigation Audits
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Lawn Areas


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